“At the end of the day, I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. I’ve been called worse.”
-- Angela Parkhurst, Forget Me Not

◆ Sky Pirate Captain ◆ Viera Sorceress ◆ Ul'dah Native ◆


Name: Saoirse (SEER-sha) Quincy
Aliases: The Crimson Demon of Ul'dah, Boss, Captain, Sao
Age: In her 30's
Nameday: 21st Sun of the Third Astral Moon ( May 21st )
Race: Viera | Veena
Nationality: Ul'dah
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10" (excluding ears)
Sexuality: Demisexual | Demiromantic

Occupation: Sky Pirate Captain | Owner of Secret Star Services
Weapon: Rapier, Red Magic, Thaumaturgy? | Has knowledge in Guns and Gunblades.


At first glance, Saoirse Quincy is a rather polite and serious individual. Her unwavering resolve and determination keeps her up rather late on most nights to complete tasks and settle situations. Saoirse's ability to spot patterns and extract information through observation has proven reliable, and she places a great deal of confidence in said skills. She does like to engage in verbal witticisms, though her serious and somewhat awkward nature can make this difficult.

Underneath it all however, lies a cold hardened soul. She's incredibly cynical and pessimistic, always thinking the worst of a situation first. She's argumentative, and unable to chill when it comes to fixing what she believes is wrong in the world. She's also doubtful of people's intentions, and doesn't believe others care about her. While it rarely does help her, most of the time it tests the patience of those around her. And when you finally peel back the battle-hardened mannerisms, you find a woman who believes she died a long time ago, one who acts like every day is her last, one who believes (and accepts) that she truly is the Demon that people make her out to be.

However, regardless of whether she is putting up a façade or letting herself go, she is a woman who deeply cares for her friends, her crew, and the "people of Ul'dah", and will go to great lengths to help bring them towards a brighter future.


The first thing that’s immediately obvious to those that look at her is that Saoirse is much shorter than the average Viera, standing at around 5’10", excluding her ears. Her skin is a pale toned color, with freckles that litter her entire body, especially on the face, neck, shoulders, knees, arms, and legs. She also has numerous scars, most notable on initial view being the one near on her left side near her gut, and a bullet wound right near her right breast. She also has scars and calluses on her fingertips.

She has (typically) wavy raven-black hair that goes down to the middle of her back with long side swept bangs, which she sometimes keeps up in a ponytail/braided look to keep it out of her face while working. Her eyes have a rather striking look to them, the color being bright like the tropical waters of Costa de Sol, and while they do not glow in the dark her gaze is still fierce, as if there is a fire burning in those pupils of hers.

Although she carries a rapier and specializes in Red Magic, Saoirse typically dresses herself up in blacks and blues, with the occasional red or lavender peeking through. She is usually seen either wearing something incredibly Ul'dahn in fashion or some kind of coat/jacket, gloves, boots, and pants that easily allow for movement and quick reaction time.

Saoirse's businesses

At the current moment, Saoirse has two jobs that she runs and participates in. The first is Secret Star Services, a somewhat legit caravan & courier service. The second is her sky piracy antics.

Secret Star Services

Originially built as a front for her sky piracy, Secret Star Services became more realized as time went on and Saoirse wanted it to be as legit of a business as possible. Not only will Saoirse and her other "employees" travel to deliver packages, they will also do odd jobs and mercenary work as well-- for the right price.

Although most of the employees of Secret Star Services consist of Saoirse's sky pirate crew, she does occassionally employee others who are not privy to the true workings of the business and its true objectives.

The Crimson Falcons

Originally started by the previous Captain after the occupation of Ala Mhigo by the Garleans, The Crimson Falcons are a sky pirate crew whose current primary goal is the steal from the rich and fortunate, with Pro-Monetarist Ul'dahn merchants, The Syndicate, and the Order of Nald'Thal in particular being targets.

For now, The Crimson Demon of Ul'dah and their crew are seen as enemies of the city-state, cruel beasts that must be taken down for their atrocities against free commerce and those who work within Ul'dah's esteemed walls. But for some, they symbolize something more than that: a revolution that is rumbling underneath the surface, just waiting to get out.

Trivia about Saoirse


♥ The Sky
♥ Her Crew (Pirate and otherwise)
♥ Helping the poor of Ul'dah (or anyone less fortunate really)
♥ Airships
♥ Hard Spirits (esp. Ul'dahn Whisky & Rum)
♥ Parkour
♥ Her Motorcycle
♥ Tinkering
♥ Coffee
♥ Ul'dahn Foods & Drinks
♥ Strategy / Puzzle Games
♥ Cats / Coeurls


✘ Ul'dah's Government (esp. the Order of Nald'Thal)
✘ Rich, Greedy, and/or Skeevy People
✘ People who go after her crew (Pirate or otherwise)
✘ Garleans
✘ Law Enforcement
✘ Those that harp on her ethnicity & nationality
✘ Beer or Cider
✘ Her Cooking
✘ Food Waste
✘ Rain / Storms while flying
✘ Voidsent
✘ Aether-dense areas

◆ She was found as a baby by two Hyurs who worked in the mines, hence the name. She does not know her birth parents nor is interested in finding them.

◆ Since she is a Viera she is rather Aether-sensitive, and has quite the talent for magic and aetherology.

◆ In fact, she is aether-sensitive due to the fact that she can sense the aether around her as a feeling, akin to one touching something. This allows her to sense when something is aetherically off with an environment or well as being able to somewhat figure out if and when someone is using glamour. This also makes it so she is in pain when using her aether in any large amounts, as she can also feel the aether burning in her too.

◆ Also because of her being a Viera, she can hear things very... very well, as well as her overall senses being heightened.

◆ Like most Viera she naturally has claw-like long nails that she has to file down constantly. She's been doing this ever since she could remember.

◆ However, unlike most Viera she has sharp canines. They're not super long compared to her regular teeth, but they are sharper. She doesn't really like to talk about them as much.

◆ Her dancing is atrocious, and is probably beyond all hope....or so she says. She did get 2nd place in a dancing competition once. But she claims that was all the hours of practice for that one routine and the power of spite.

◆ Her cooking skills are in the negatives. She accidentally set a kitchen on fire once and her quartermaster tries to keep her away from the kitchen as much as possible.

◆ On a more positive note: She can sing rather well, although she doesn't show this off to people she doesn't know.

◆ Before Saoirse became captain, Saoirse learned to be an airship mechanic on the crew, and loves to work with airships and motorcycles when she can.

◆ She also has an eye for gemstones and goldsmithing, that she also picked up from her time on the ship alongside the bits of knowledge she remembers from her childhood. She tends to tinker with airship models on her spare time.

◆ She has a dwarf bunny plush named Mr. Charlie and she still has him to this day.

◆ She is rather dense when it comes to romantic or sexual advances towards her, although she is able to pick up when it's happening to others. This also extends to dirty jokes...and her possibly not realizing what she's saying.

◆ She usually spends her gil buying food and items for the poor and desolate, or donating gil to places that cater to them in positive ways. She mainly helps those in Ul'dah, as life without money there is literal hell, but she will donate to other efforts in Ishgard and Ala Mhigo when she can.

◆ You go after her crew, she goes after you.

◆ Her favorite colors are Black, Gold, Blues, Purple & Reds.

RP Hooks

◆ Are you a sky pirate or one associated with airships? There are rumors of a crew that only goes after rich Pro-Monetarist Ul'dahns, Garleans, and those that sully the sky pirate name and Saoirse would love to meet fellows in her trade.

◆ Need someone to deliver something or coordinate shipments of product? Saoirse owns a caravan and delivery company and already has several contracts. Just don’t flaunt your wealth around.

◆ Are you someone looking for odd jobs or are a caravaner or courier? Saoirse may have some use for you in her business.

◆ Help the poor and desolate in Ul’dah? You might run into Saoirse donating gil or what food she can.

◆ Grew up in Ul'dah, especially as a poor street rat some 30 to 25 ish years ago? You could know Saoirse from back in the day.

◆ An Ul'dahn resident since the Seventh Astral Era? You may have heard rumors about the Crimson Demon of Ul'dah and their crew, The Crimson Falcons.

◆ Is/was your character connected to the Thaumaturge Guild and/or the Order of Nald'Thal in Ul'dah? You may have heard about her, or perhaps met her...

◆ Are you a law enforcement officer in one of the city-states (especially Ul’dah), An Order of Nald'Thal member, or a rich, pro-monetarist Ul'dahn merchant? Saoirse will likely oppose you.


Some of the rumors you might hear. Please don't connect these to Saoirse unless we establish it first! Thanks!

◆ "You workin’ with the Syndicate? Cause they seem to be the ones lookin’ forward to seeing The Crimson Demon’s head on the choppin’ block."

◆ "Tales of the Captain of the Falcons are few and far between…but they’ve been recently been labelled as the Crimson Demon of Ul’dah. Not sure if that’s worse than being called The Red Reaper or no"

◆ "It’s been a bit of a relief, knowin’ they aren’t targettin’ sky pirates as much these days. But back in the day? It was either us or the Garleans. It was hard to predict which one of us they’d go for next…kept a lot of us in line that did."

◆ "Seems the Crimson Demon got a real’ hate streak for the rich of Ul’dah. That’s who they usually find murdered by them, after all. But even then…every once n’ awhile you’d find a Garlean ship or sky pirate crew decimated….same way too. Weird huh."

OOC Notes

Hi! I go by Crystia or Crys and I'm the player behind Saoirse!
Here's some things to keep in mind when RPing with me:

◆ Both in game and out of game RP is alright. I'm not that picky. Sometimes I prefer one over the other but I can accommodate as necessary.

RP tag in game = IC. Feel free to walk up and talk. Otherwise, please send me a tell or Discord DM about an RP so I can get into character.

◆ I tend to fluctuate in my writing length depending on how much I can respond to a post. I don't mind the length of the post so long as it gives me something to respond to/work with. I am a rather slow typer so bear with me!

◆ I enjoy long term stories with great character dynamics and interaction. I also enjoy stories that have no Echo, WoLs, or Scions and that have stakes to them. If your character can't take a threat seriously or steamrolls through fights with powerful enemies without any struggle, I may not be the RP partner for you.
I'm a big fan of scenes having a reason to happen, for stories to come out of ideas/scenes, and for RP partners that focus on the collaboration aspect of RP, rather than either make me be the one to constantly bug for scenes, or dismiss all the ideas I have outright without some form of workshop.One on one scenes are also just as important to me as small group event RPs simply because of the fact that it allows the characters to really talk and get to know each other and form a deeper connection. If we only RP in group RP, then it makes it impossible for our characters to get any closer than casual acquaintances or perhaps very surface level friends. I'm not saying that we can only RP one on one, but it's something I find important to the health of a RP partnership.
OOC Communication is vital. I can't stress this enough. If something is wrong with the situation and you don't tell me about it, then I can't do anything to fix it. This goes both ways. If I do not feel comfortable telling you when something bothers me, then it's probably not going to work out.

IC does not equal OOC (to an extent). I am not Saoirse and you are not your character. However, tense situations IC can sometimes cause some bleed out into OOC (i.e. an interpretation of a character that's so out of line that it gets under someone's skin OOC or a dynamic that doesn't sit right), and I'd prefer if we talk those out by either stopping the RP (if it's bad enough) or talking about the scenes afterwards.

◆ Please keep the information you know through OOC means (such as this page) away from your character's IC knowledge unless given permission.

◆ Please give me a heads up (and make it clear what you're trying to get permission for) before trying to Rp the following with me:
Extreme Violence/Gore (as in describing it in great detail)Attempted Suicide/Actual Suicide (especially if you're trying to shock my character by making her walk in on it)Sexual Assault (The act itself upon my character/your character, your character trauma dumping it on mine, etc.)Anything with Maggots, bugs near food etc.Trying to kill or permanently hurt my character.
◆ I, as a player do not mind doing Relationship and/or Erotic RPs, however I ask that you and your character are above the age of 21 and that is happens through the organic growth of the relationship. If we RP and it gets to a point where it might get NSFW or it becomes more of a relationship I'll wanna talk out how we wanna approach it if you wish to continue. Here's some things to keep in mind.
Not only does Saoirse have a lot of problems with socialization, but she is also Demisexual & Demiromantic. Because of both of those reasons I can not guarantee that she will ever fall in love or be sexual with your character if you try to do stuff with me long term and especially short term. Please keep an open mind and let's go in with the goal of just things just happening as part of the story rather than as something forced. If you come into the RP with the only goal being to have your character get into a relationship and/or wanting to have sex with Saoirse, you will likely be disappointed by the outcome.Communication is absolutely essential and vital, and if either one of us are uncomfortable by something it needs to be addressed. Boundaries and such are to be respected!
◆ Just overall, please respect my OOC boundaries/personal space both in game and out of game and maybe treat me like a human being.


◆ Discord: Crystia#0809
◆ Timezone: PST (UTC-8)